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Friday, December 28, 2007

George Bailey lassoes his trip to Africa.

This, dear friends, is the final blog post of 2007. Dry your tears, another year is beyond us. I am gearing up for the big New Year's Eve Party, which is always a sign to me that Christmas is officially finished, and the next year is all too close. I do hope that Christmas was great for you. Mine ended up being great - though there was a time where we weren't quite sure with my daughter being sick for the second Christmas in a row. But, in the end, antibiotics prevailed, and my inner George Bailey triumphed. "Merry Christmas, movie house!"

Speaking of New Year's Eve, if my Dee Snider makeup kit doesn't get here, I have no idea what I'm going to do for a costume...

Many have asked me to offer some commentary on my trip to Africa. Quick plug: I will do an extensive breakdown of the trip for High School Students at the X on January 6- January 13 for Middle School students. Adults are welcome to attend these presentations as well. I don't feel comfortable creating an extensive blog posting on the trip itself - especially since most people wouldn't even dare to read it. So, not to be a jerk, but if you want to hear the deep details of my journey, let's get some coffee, or come to the X to get a full breakdown.

Here is the five minute version:

On December 2, I left with a team of 8 to assist Christ in Youth in coordinating one of their international conferences in Durban, South Africa. Old School Northview-ers will recognize one of my teammates, Mr Johnny Scott, the former worship minister at NCC. Every year, on top of the summer conferences for HS students in the states, CIY puts on conferences in other countries. The goal for this involvement is to help the churches in other nations put on their own student conferences. Members of our team helped teach the morning sessions, while South African speakers led the evening sessions. One day prior to the conference, our team led an "international school of youth ministry," which was a chance to train pastors who are working with youth.

There is much to say about all of this, of course. Today, as a nation, South Africa is an interesting mix of western influence and tribal tradition. I could walk to a coffee shop and internet cafe, I could go to fast food restaurants, and my cell phone even worked. Most students dressed in a very western style, and even had their own cell phones. Yet, when we came together as a church, there was a desire to hold on to how things have been done in the past. Sound familiar at all? While I was hearing some of the most beautiful worship I have ever heard in my life, I was witnessing the church kind of being at a crossroads.
South Africa is a young nation in its current political structure. Only two decades removed from Apartheid, I still sensed a tension about the past. I still saw the influence of oppression. As we are seeing today in Iraq, just because a bad government is replaced, it doesn't mean that things become rosy for people overnight. There is still unemployment, poverty, and in that, there is a struggle to hold on to hope. Then throw in the big elephant called AIDS, which is said to effect as much as 30-35% of the population, and you have a real mess. Who is called to respond to crises such as these? Who is called to reach out to students who are affected by the way these struggles impact their families? It is not governments, it is not militaries, it is the church. That's why I thought it was so important to go and encourage, teach, and pray with those who are making a difference in South Africa everyday. I suppose, by the end of the trip, that was my goal.
I met some great people that week - people like Max, John, Paul, Mita, Karen, Michael, Phil, Freedom, Patson, Richard, Connell, and a myriad of others who are trying to reach out to students in South Africa. I hope that the few days our team spent with them energized them in their task. They certainly encouraged me. As far as the students, my prayer is that walls between adults and students in South Africa would be broken down, and relationships can built with ones like the ones I just mentioned. What a revolution it would create.

Many thanks to CIY, the NYS, my teammate, and to a God who decides to use my broken vessel from time to time, even when I don't deserve it. For whoever is reading this, my prayer is that you would see the world a little more like God sees it, then choose to act accordingly.

Happy New Year.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Jet Lagged Ramblings of an Exhausted old man

In the spirit of Christmas, the Baltimore Ravens have been generous and decided to give the Miami Dolphins their first win. I've been harassed by Yankees fans; ironic, considering their "evil HGH empire" has just been exposed. I've been up since 4:30 a.m., shoveled ice and snow about 14 times this weekend,,and preached to 10 kids this morning because of it. Perhaps the most spiritual thing I can say right now, "i'm going to bed." We'll get there.

I am back from South AFrica in one piece. I anticipate an epic blog entry shortly - once I see some pictures and such. I'll be speaking about it soon. In applying the trip to home, and my current context of student ministry, my quick observation is that I need to call our students to do more. Quarterly service projects are not enough. I need to call my students to something radical. For instance, maybe there are some that need to plant a church on the east coast, but work a job in the "real world" supporting it. Maybe we need to go to Africa as a group. Maybe some need to go live in Africa. I don't know. But there is a nagging feeling in the back of my head, and it may be fatigue, that I am failing to do a good job of calling students to higher levels of faith. I have been told otherwise - but in my heart, I feel like I am failing in this. Perhaps I model a life that is too comfortable? Yet, I sit here, totally exhausted, wondering, "what more can I do?" I don't know yet...

If you are currently unaware of what is going on in Zimbabwe right now, I would encourage you to take a look. It's weird that our media isn't talking about it, but superinflation, and corruption are really decimating that country. My really good coffee that I brought home from Africa (from Zimbabwe) is currently my daily reminder to pray for that nation. I'm working on hooknig up some sponsorship of kids in Zimbabwe, for those who are interested. If I find a link detailing what's going on in Zimbabwe, to make it really easy for you, I'll put it here.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'd like to buy the world a buttery biscuit

Tomorrow morning brings a much needed day off. While I haven't felt incredibly busy, there's plenty of little projects to accomplish. New Year's Parties to plan, retreats to explore, messages to write. All the while, I'm preparing for this trip to South Africa. I have to admit that there are times when I don't feel like I should be the one to go on this trip. There are better speakers, better christian, better representatives for CIY. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that I need to take advantage of the opportunity. I think God has much to teach me.

I'm not sure why I put a picture of a chicken biscuit on here. Now that its here though, perhaps we should enjoy one together?

The Chicken Biscuit is a staples of my thursdays with Emery. We share two biscuits, play in the play place, then go about our errand-running until Emery crashes for nap. I have many things I want my daughter to learn in life....appreciation for the chicken biscuit is one. I don't love any fast food, to be honest, save for this little delectation. Unfortunately, it's too early to share the coffee.

I have been told that chicken is not an acceptable breakfast food. The following is my retort: "you are wrong. I am right. Not just now, but about everything. Taste and see that the chicken is good."

Speaking of Emery...she is walking and talking these days. My guess is that she can say about 30 words; at least, I can decipher about 30 words in her jibberish. It's a really fun time with her. When the door opens, and my daughter runs excitedly to the door, it puts a lot in perspective. Before I become one of those parents who pulls the "guess what cool thing my daughter did today" stuff, it will suffice to say that her desire to have relationship with me, her pursuit of her daddy, makes me think long and hard about how lazy I am in my walk with Christ at times.

Currently, I'm so sick of talk radio's ridiculously repetitive commercials. Back to the ipod.

Speaking of which - here are some CD's you need to spin:
1. Emery - I'm only a Man - Yes yes, musical elitists...I get it. However, the more I listen to this CD, the more I am convinced that it is brilliant.
2. Thrice - The Alchemy Index - I love concept alblums
3. Jimmy Eat World - Chase this Light - Much better than the Futures CD, channels the classic J.E.W. sound with some "bleed american" in the mix.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I’m waiting for my Dunder Miffin gift basket

Quick soccer update:We beat a hard-fighting Cascade team 5-3 last night. I have to say that I was impressed by Cascade this season. They're talented here and there, but they work hard as a team, and play with a ton of heart. In a playoff game, that tightens the talent gap. They had me sweating, and I, at one point, was pretty sure we were not going to walk away with a win.

30 rock. hilarious last night - same with the Office. If you watch Grey's Anatomy, I'm writing you out of my will.

I'm wiating to hear from some of you regarding how much you don't like the new Emery CD because it's not the first two. I've already heard some criticism. Musical elitists, hear this: Bands don't like to make the same CD twice. If they do, their name is Creed or Britney Spears. Where is Creed now? Exactly. Britney Spears? Too soon. While I dont' think this Emery CD will go down as my favorite, I think there are three-four killer tracks. I can dig experimental stuff too. If you are the kind of person who judges bands based on each CD, you are going to end up hating every band you've ever loved, and I just feel sorry for you. Embrace what you like. Support the bands as they grow - after all, you helped them get to the place where they don't just want to write 3-4 minute sing along anthems.

For further reading on this, consult Five Iron Frenzy's "Handbook for the Sellout."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rabies is an epidemic. Beware.

Baltimore lost to Cleveland? What? Are you serious?

One roadblock in an otherwise good Sunday. I've felt pretty good about the X so far, and I'm ready to hit the stride. I feel like we've got the band sounding pretty good, and the speaking is coming along. I do feel a wall put up by many of the students - very image conscious right now. But, there's a lot of new faces this year, so it's not like we really know each other yet. I look forward to that changing as the year goes on.

Quick soccer update: The team is 11-4-1, which is a PHENOMENAL season for Danville soccer. We've got a better shot at sectionals than we have in the past few seasons. I'm a little bummed about how we finished, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the season was the best I've had with the team, in a variety of ways.

I was offered a chance to go to South Africa in December to help train youth workers in the country. I'm pretty pumped about the opportuntity to do that - though I think I'll learn a lot mroe than I'll actually teach them. I am told that the word "khaki" is bad in africans, and now I have this fear that I'm going to use the word at some deeply spiritual moment, simply because

The Office season premiere was last week -If you missed it - why aren't you watching this show? Sprinkles will eat you alive! 30 Rock starts up this week - another good one. Also, Lebron James was pretty funny on SNL, for a sports celebrity. The High School Musical spoof - wrong in parts, but HILARIOUS! Peyton Manning's last year is a hard to top - he was probably the best sports celebrity to do SNL since Michael Jordan did it in the early 90's. I'm actually really staring to warm up to the new group of SNL'ers . Actually, I did last year, but this week kind of suggested to me that this wasn't a fluke.

I'm almost down to my last pound of Blue Mountain coffee. Any going to Jamaica?

Too many things to do.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Late Night Musings ..

Always so much to say after the wife and child have retired. I spend so much of these days doing, and sometimes it seems as if my only times to be come after everyone else is asleep, and I am officially in solitude. This has been a particularly interesting week for this occurence, as every one in our house has managed to be sick at some point in the last week.

Here's what has been really cool lately.
1. The Varsity soccer team is 2-0 for the first time in the four years I've coached. Not playing Avon early in the season is good for the confidence.
2. I had an awesome date with my daughter today - Emery discovered the wonders of the fast food playground today - and I was a hero.
3. I got a random call from Scott Ensminger. This dude, perhaps more than anyone outside of my own wife, believes in me, supports me, cares for me. I have to say that he possesses the ability make me not feel like i'm the worst youth minister in the world, and his calls to tell me that always seem to be at God send moments.
4. I have a meatloaf cover of celine dion - you are jealous.
5. I got Madden 2008 - and actually have found time for 4 games so far.

Here's what's so/so lately.
1. Being vomited on several times in one night. I have to say, cleaning it up is a lot worse than wearing it. Five shirts later, that night, I had the same thought my wife did: it may be a while before we eat Pork and Beans.
2. The month of August. I like prepping for the fall, but man, it's crazy busy.
3. Watching the last episode of BOY MEETS WORLD. It's definately thought-provoking - could I be George Feeny?

Here's what's poopy lately.
1. Having a bad picture of you tagged on facebook. really friends, a little ettiquette? My goodness, some of the pictures of me that are posted or tagged of me are ones that make my ex girlfriends go - "thank God we got out of THAT!" Let's make a deal...if I have a picture of you that makes you look double your body size, I won't post it. If I have one where you have a huge green booger, or a nasty, overly clingy t-shirt on, and these things were not intentional attempts at humor...I will not post/tag the pic.

2. Worrying about a friend whose going through a hard time.

3. Cleaning up Emery puke. See so/so section, part 1.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

God is good. I have been realizing lately that I spend a lot of time wrestling with the things in life that I don't like, or am not content with, and perhaps not enought time recently thinking about all the little great things in the world, and all the ways that God indeed works. I have been thinking about the things that I am thankful for, and once I actually get started, memories become "unvaulted," and I suddenly remember other things, even unanswered prayers, where I saw God work.

I heard a message yesterday on prayer. It was so energizing. I read many chapters of exodus last night - you know that you've been convicted if Exodus is recreational reading. It's the kind of buttkicking I've needed spiritually for a while, I suppose.

The remaining space of today's entry will simply be to commemorate a few "little things" that are gifts from God.

1. BD's Mongolian Barbecue

If you have never experience the glory that is the BD, you are missing a true gift from God. in the words of a dear friend of mine , "chicks dig stir fry." Fellas, if you have a lady friend, tell her the ways of the Mongolian, and you will have her heart forever.
I can't get enough of this place - and if it was closer than an hour away, I would be broke. BD's single-handedly upgrades the greatness of the north-side of Indy ten fold.
2. Coffee
Seriously guys, it's time to jump on board here. I know that soda is sweeter, and that tea is gentler. If I, Captain IBS, can handle coffee, you can too. It's time get cracking. The most important liquids on earth are as follows: communion, water, and coffee. This is God's is proof that God loves people. This decision will also change your life. Thank God also for mints though - because if you are a coffee junkie, you won't have many friends without the mints. I've read recently that those who drink over 6 cups of coffee a day reduce their risk of getting diabetes almost 60%. Hmm...maybe things like that aren't coincidence?
So, there you go, a few little things that are reminders of God's greatness. God is good...I told you so.
You should watch:
1. TV - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (the Travel Channel)
You should listen to:
1. Wavorly - Conquering the Fear of Flight (Flicker Records).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am back from my two weeks on the road. Cornestone and CIY, back to back. I can't say that I like it in that order, necessarily, but good times were had. The weeks were powerful in their own way.

Here are the Best shows of Cornerstone 2007.
1. Norma Jean- You may hate their music, but seeing them live is an experience in itself. Best show, hands down.
2. Underoath
3. Showbread -
4. Wavorly - Best new band I saw this year
5. Jonezetta - welcome to the main stage

Honorable mention goes to eleventyseven, flatfoot ( you are cornerstone kings) project86. Sorry to the bands who were really good that I didn't see - sorry, I'm just getting too old to get to every show these days.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Um, should we tell that girl's mom what she's doing? Crap, I'm old.

It's been an interesting couple of days. Yesterday, I took the afternoon off to catch up on sleep, having run at an exhausting pace for the past few days. I felt like Zack Morris the summer after he and the gang worked at Malibu Sands bEach resort. His mom let him skip the first day of school to catch up and reminisce. Slater and Screech joined in, much to the chagrin of Mr. Belding.

Thursday night Brandon & I, along with Rawlings, hit up Louisville for teh Dirty South Tour, featuring Underoath, Norma Jean, Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, and the Glass Ocean. While the show itself was amazing - I could say great things about all the bands - the venue was incredibly frustrating. It was 2/3 the size of the X - and there were about 800 people there, 2/3 of which seemed to be fourteen year olds who 1. couldn't stand in one place for 15 seconds 2. couldn't keep their tongues out of each others mouths. I didn't know that hardcore could make you want to make out, well, in a "hardcore" fashion. But apparently it can. So, if you ever pass by my house and hear Underoath or Norma Jean, don't knock on the door...we won't answer.

I was especially glad to hang with Brandon that night. Mel still doesn't seem to be getting better from whatever she may have caught in jamaica - and even though he doesn't say it, I can't even imagine how worn out he is right now. I feel like I'm not doing enough to help him - I hope making that road trip was a bright spot. Keep praying for him and Mel guys...this is just getting ridiculous. Honestly, there's a little part of me that's hard some arguing with God about this whole thing. I know that sounds shallow and dumb - but how many stupid tourists who have drank themselves into oblivion come back from Jamaica with nothing, you know? I know the biblical rationales for questions such as these, but there are times when I just want to sit down with God and a cup of coffee and let him ramble on about why he allows certain things to go down the way he does. I have a feeling I would come out of that meeting with two conclusions. 1. God makes the best coffee 2. God is a lot smarter than I am .

Friday night was a concert for the Relay for life. While I wasn't entirely satisfied by the numbers of people who came, I was excited about the cause, and the fact that we were able to show our community we care in avery practical way. I doubt any of the bands read my blog, but thanks so much for serving our community in this way guys. I owe each of you another show...

We wrapped the X for high school once again. Easily, it was the best year of programming, and the best year as far as sponsor/student relationships. If you are a high school student or a sponsors that reads this, please post for me your favorite night or memory from the year - so that we can celebrate together.

By the way, the Office was really good the other night. How can you not love this show? You know it's good when a parent in our ministry and I have a 10 minute discussion about when and if Jim and Pam are going to get together.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey buddies and half a pot of coffee

It's Monday...and it feels like one. Emery let me sleep through the night, thank the Lord.

We got back from Believe Saturday night. It was another great weekend for our jr. high students, as well as our adults. I am grateful for the creativity, intentionality, and relevance pumped in the sessions we attended. Kudos to you, Team Believe. Thanks for doing what you do.

I read post on one Kurt Johnston's blog this week, as I cruising through the blogs of difference people, a typical Monday morning tradition that reminds me, many times, htat I am not the only one that hates Mondays. At any rate, Kurt was named "youth minister of the year" or something like that. I like what he had to say about the award, , the blog dated 4.18.07

I love what Kurt writes. I have to say that one thing that drives me nuts about the "ministry circle" is how sometimes guys posture for position, or recognition, or to get their names on lists that get them invited to speak at large events. At times, I have even shied from talking to guys like Kurt, or even guys at places like CIY, because I have been afraid that they think I'm trying to get into their pocket, or get my name onto a list that will get me on their "big" stage. The last thing I want to be is a "hey buddy." I was once accused by a friend of being this kind of person and, I'll admit, I'm still not over it. It should be noted that many of these "hey buddies" are not bad guys; instead, they are simply unsure of how a person measures success in youth ministry. It's a calling whose success can't be measured in dollar signs, like a business, and its environment that cannot be measured on programs alone, since students graduate from these programs and enter a new ministry after, at most, 7 years.

For approximately two years, I had a weekly breakfast, which I miss dearly, with two great friends in ministry. We shared our hearts, our stories, and our passions for sports, music, movies, etc.

Both came from big churches...with plenty of resources. Both of them had staff that took care of details that I have to do everyday. Both had bigger budgets, more students, and more toys to play with for the purpose of ministry. Yet, week to week, the guy who had the least amount of frustrations and discontent with their position was me.

I try not to forget that fact on days when I have to pull double duty, or on days when my speaking suffers because I've been busy booking hotels and prepping mailings. I try not to forget that when my budget dwindles, or doesn't allow me to buy something that I know we need.

I hope this ministry continues to grow, not so I have more money, or so we get our renovation, or because it will mean that I can be a "big time speaker;" instead, I want to see growth because it will mean that more souls are experiencing Christ through those of us who are trying to "be" the church. May I focus less on what is said about me, how "great and dynamic" I am, and more on the journey that myself and my fellow northviewians are on...

Well said, Kurt.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Blue Mountain IV?

I'm absolutely weary this afternoon...but I'm not a napper. I'm in trouble, for, in a few short hours, I will be surrounded by many, many, many Jr. Highers. I need coffee..and lots of it. Maybe I should go watch some Hannah Montana or something to prepare. As I look at pictures of my daugther smiling at me, I am reminded how cute she can be when it's not 3 a.m.

It seems there's a rash of things I could blog about in "pop culture" and the news this week. Some would be silly, and some would be controversial. At any rate, I've been reminded that people who live in darkness lack hope, and, many times as a result, do very dark things. As a Christian . . . it's a very harsh reminder that cheesy christian t-shirts and boycotting stuff does very little bring any hope into the world. We need to get off our butts and offer hope, not for the sake of patting ourselves on the back or making ourselves feel okay, not for the sake greater church attendance, but for the sake of those who lack the hope. Without love, Paul says, I am nothing but a resounding gong. It's a simple verse that I've been hearing since my mom made me start going to church; however, it' s very difficult to live out. Jesus, continue to teach me how to live...and how to love.

On a lighter note, why is "the Office" always a rerun? AHHH>>>

I'm so glad that Sanjaya is off American idol. If you walk that line betwen being manly and effminate, be encouraged, Sanjaya proves you can go pretty far without talent. You can even get invited to the White House. What the heck? I know that Simon Cowell is known as a pretty grouchy person; and I know that he crosses lines. However, 9 times out of 10, he is exactly right. I may not ever buy and Il Divo CD as a result, but he does seem to have an eye for true talent.

Today Listening to: Aerosmith
Today Reading: Donald Miller To Own a Dragon

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Let's give thanks to Lord, and I will feel alright.

Well, I've been to Jamaica and back at this point. Here are some pictures of the trip. The one on the upper left is the finished product of our week of labor. In the end, we finished double what we had planned on finishing. The one below it is us unloading the block truck. We unloading it 6 times that week, unloading thousands of blocks.
The other view is a view from where our team stayed. Pretty amazing view.

Here are my high points of the Jamaica trip.

1. It's Jamaica
2. Doing something selfless
3. The Grahams -the pastor of the church and his wife - a marriage that was a picture of what I want to be in 20 years
4. Our team - i love those guys.
5. Seeing God work through prayer and adversity.
7. Jerome Taylor - West Indies Fast Bowler
8. Jamaican Jerk Chicken - and learning the secrets to improving mine!
The week I was away, I walked a fine line of not wanting to come back, and not wanting to be away. I felt like I was letting down my family in not being there for a week. However, the more I think about it, the more I realize that this is the kind of stuff I want my daughter to remember me for 50 years from now.
Coming back has been a challenge, in part, because it is 50 degrees colder here. I'm getting back into my groove though.
I suppose I should work now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One Love - People Get Ready.

Ah...the joys of trying to cram 5 days of work into a day and a half. In three short days, my friends,
I'll be in sunny, warm, Jamaica.
It's pretty sick that I have to leave the country and pour concrete and build walls to get a break from the world. But, that's where I am. Missions work, for all its stress, is a pretty relaxing thing for me, because it always brings back my perspective. I'll take dramas on the mission field over the "my kids can't come to your program because __________" or "I hate this program because ________" or "Insert drama here." Honestly, I need a week away from that crap anyway. I'd go to Cavetown, MD for a week if it meant that could be away from that garbage for a few days.
Why Jamaica? Jamaica has been on my heart since we went there for our honeymoon a few years ago. It was the first time I went to a tropical location not on a mission, but as an "american tourist." Immediately after getting off the plane, I understood why most of the world hates Americans. The tourists were rude, and only interested in getting plastered. Most of them were only there to use the island for a week, and leave. What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica. The Jamaicans, understanding how to make a living off the American wealth, were more than willing to indulge every pleasure the Americans had. So, anything went.
All week long, I felt like I needed to be doing more. When we got off the resort and into the mountains, I was convicted of how much of a materialistic jerk I am. Again, I was disgusted by my counterparts on the trip, who, when confronted with poverty, drank away their conviction with Red Stripe and Appleton Rum.
I have been itching to get back to Jamaica, to help anyway that I can. I'm pumped for this trip. if my pouring concrete, building walls, etc, can help give back to an island that gave so much to me, then I'm all for it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry...

Tomorrow marks 27 years of life. I'm slowly inching to the big 3-0...spooky. How long until Ancarrow breaks down and gets a minivan. Place bets now! Ahhh..

Alright, this week has been good times. Emery has allowed me two consecutive nights of sleep. Today was the first day in about three weeks that I haven't felt like a truck hit me. It's quite nice; I forgot how it feels.

That being said, I'm getting pretty introspective lately. I'm having these, "what does it all mean" kind of thoughts. Ecclesiastes will do that to you, I suppose. So, I've been brow-beating, deep-thinking, and allowing my inner monologue to run wild. That's a dangerous thing, my friends. A wife who likes to listen, coupled with some encouraging friends, have been more than appreciated as of late.

I have done something this week that I have never done before. I have to admit that I feel dirty. Hear my confession: I have entered more than one different bracket into march madness pools. I have only ever entered one bracket in any pool that I've been a party of. Not any more. Is this bad of me? I am not quite sure. I feel kind of dirty, but kind of excited at the same time.

I have drank an entire pot of coffee...and it's not even noon. maybe I have a problem.

I'm listening to a lot of Guns and Roses this morning.

So never mind the darkness - We still can find a way'-Cause nothin' lasts forever-Even cold November rain

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March Madness.

A spirit of uneasiness is on me right now - one that I am having difficulty shaking. I feel like I am falling behind in all things right now. As I start one project, I'm reminded of two that I need to get accomplished. I feel stuck between many things, all of which are important, left to decide what to blow off in the name of getting other stuff done. Overwhelmed? Yes. Why then, Scott, are you blogging? Because if I don't take a mental break, I am just going to snap.

I spoke this weekend...and felt pretty good about it in the end. Hopefully, $100 of jelly beans conveyed the message. If not, I'll at least be able to say that I bought 15 pounds of jelly beans for an object lesson. Time will tell.

A few rants and rambles;

  1. Never call me at dinner and quit on me. just not cool, especially on a friday night. That could be why the pad thai gave me diarrhea afterwards.
  2. I really enjoyed hanging out Friday night. Always like feeling like I have friends. I know that I do...I just never feel like I have enough time for anything.
  3. If you need me to attend a training session, please make it worth my while to be there. Otherwise, you're just wasting my time.
  4. I went to cincinnati and didn't go to Dunkin Donuts. What's wrong with me?
  5. I love meeting with Bond on Wednesday, but I HATE the Bonton. Bond, chick fil-A summers?
  6. I get to speak to a room of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students this weekend. Tough room. If I stink, they'll definately let me know.
  7. I haven't seen a movie in a theater for a long,long time. That needs to change. Who's up for one? Metropolis has cokezero in the fountain.
  8. I got chili on my Maylene hoodie. crap.
  9. Maryland's ACC tournament run begins tomorrow. March madness.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blog #3 - Now I'm like a Jr. High Girl!

Ah, the almighty third of ye olde blogs. Can I get enough? Pardon me if I'm a sucker for seeing my name on the big computer screen. I miss the old rock and roll days, I miss my name in lights. Um, okay, so maybe I never got that far.

I'm thinking big thoughts these days. What does that mean? I have no idea.

I could go for some NY style pizza right now. Time to beg my wife. Pardon me...

Here are some CD's you need to rock, if you aren't right now.
Showbread - Age of Reptiles.
Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home
Anberlin - Cities -
The Showdown - Temptation come my way.