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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

One Love - People Get Ready.

Ah...the joys of trying to cram 5 days of work into a day and a half. In three short days, my friends,
I'll be in sunny, warm, Jamaica.
It's pretty sick that I have to leave the country and pour concrete and build walls to get a break from the world. But, that's where I am. Missions work, for all its stress, is a pretty relaxing thing for me, because it always brings back my perspective. I'll take dramas on the mission field over the "my kids can't come to your program because __________" or "I hate this program because ________" or "Insert drama here." Honestly, I need a week away from that crap anyway. I'd go to Cavetown, MD for a week if it meant that could be away from that garbage for a few days.
Why Jamaica? Jamaica has been on my heart since we went there for our honeymoon a few years ago. It was the first time I went to a tropical location not on a mission, but as an "american tourist." Immediately after getting off the plane, I understood why most of the world hates Americans. The tourists were rude, and only interested in getting plastered. Most of them were only there to use the island for a week, and leave. What happens in Jamaica, stays in Jamaica. The Jamaicans, understanding how to make a living off the American wealth, were more than willing to indulge every pleasure the Americans had. So, anything went.
All week long, I felt like I needed to be doing more. When we got off the resort and into the mountains, I was convicted of how much of a materialistic jerk I am. Again, I was disgusted by my counterparts on the trip, who, when confronted with poverty, drank away their conviction with Red Stripe and Appleton Rum.
I have been itching to get back to Jamaica, to help anyway that I can. I'm pumped for this trip. if my pouring concrete, building walls, etc, can help give back to an island that gave so much to me, then I'm all for it.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

There's only one man who would dare give me the raspberry...

Tomorrow marks 27 years of life. I'm slowly inching to the big 3-0...spooky. How long until Ancarrow breaks down and gets a minivan. Place bets now! Ahhh..

Alright, this week has been good times. Emery has allowed me two consecutive nights of sleep. Today was the first day in about three weeks that I haven't felt like a truck hit me. It's quite nice; I forgot how it feels.

That being said, I'm getting pretty introspective lately. I'm having these, "what does it all mean" kind of thoughts. Ecclesiastes will do that to you, I suppose. So, I've been brow-beating, deep-thinking, and allowing my inner monologue to run wild. That's a dangerous thing, my friends. A wife who likes to listen, coupled with some encouraging friends, have been more than appreciated as of late.

I have done something this week that I have never done before. I have to admit that I feel dirty. Hear my confession: I have entered more than one different bracket into march madness pools. I have only ever entered one bracket in any pool that I've been a party of. Not any more. Is this bad of me? I am not quite sure. I feel kind of dirty, but kind of excited at the same time.

I have drank an entire pot of coffee...and it's not even noon. maybe I have a problem.

I'm listening to a lot of Guns and Roses this morning.

So never mind the darkness - We still can find a way'-Cause nothin' lasts forever-Even cold November rain

Wednesday, March 7, 2007

March Madness.

A spirit of uneasiness is on me right now - one that I am having difficulty shaking. I feel like I am falling behind in all things right now. As I start one project, I'm reminded of two that I need to get accomplished. I feel stuck between many things, all of which are important, left to decide what to blow off in the name of getting other stuff done. Overwhelmed? Yes. Why then, Scott, are you blogging? Because if I don't take a mental break, I am just going to snap.

I spoke this weekend...and felt pretty good about it in the end. Hopefully, $100 of jelly beans conveyed the message. If not, I'll at least be able to say that I bought 15 pounds of jelly beans for an object lesson. Time will tell.

A few rants and rambles;

  1. Never call me at dinner and quit on me. just not cool, especially on a friday night. That could be why the pad thai gave me diarrhea afterwards.
  2. I really enjoyed hanging out Friday night. Always like feeling like I have friends. I know that I do...I just never feel like I have enough time for anything.
  3. If you need me to attend a training session, please make it worth my while to be there. Otherwise, you're just wasting my time.
  4. I went to cincinnati and didn't go to Dunkin Donuts. What's wrong with me?
  5. I love meeting with Bond on Wednesday, but I HATE the Bonton. Bond, chick fil-A summers?
  6. I get to speak to a room of 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students this weekend. Tough room. If I stink, they'll definately let me know.
  7. I haven't seen a movie in a theater for a long,long time. That needs to change. Who's up for one? Metropolis has cokezero in the fountain.
  8. I got chili on my Maylene hoodie. crap.
  9. Maryland's ACC tournament run begins tomorrow. March madness.

Thursday, March 1, 2007

Blog #3 - Now I'm like a Jr. High Girl!

Ah, the almighty third of ye olde blogs. Can I get enough? Pardon me if I'm a sucker for seeing my name on the big computer screen. I miss the old rock and roll days, I miss my name in lights. Um, okay, so maybe I never got that far.

I'm thinking big thoughts these days. What does that mean? I have no idea.

I could go for some NY style pizza right now. Time to beg my wife. Pardon me...

Here are some CD's you need to rock, if you aren't right now.
Showbread - Age of Reptiles.
Dustin Kensrue - Please Come Home
Anberlin - Cities -
The Showdown - Temptation come my way.