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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

God is good. I have been realizing lately that I spend a lot of time wrestling with the things in life that I don't like, or am not content with, and perhaps not enought time recently thinking about all the little great things in the world, and all the ways that God indeed works. I have been thinking about the things that I am thankful for, and once I actually get started, memories become "unvaulted," and I suddenly remember other things, even unanswered prayers, where I saw God work.

I heard a message yesterday on prayer. It was so energizing. I read many chapters of exodus last night - you know that you've been convicted if Exodus is recreational reading. It's the kind of buttkicking I've needed spiritually for a while, I suppose.

The remaining space of today's entry will simply be to commemorate a few "little things" that are gifts from God.

1. BD's Mongolian Barbecue

If you have never experience the glory that is the BD, you are missing a true gift from God. in the words of a dear friend of mine , "chicks dig stir fry." Fellas, if you have a lady friend, tell her the ways of the Mongolian, and you will have her heart forever.
I can't get enough of this place - and if it was closer than an hour away, I would be broke. BD's single-handedly upgrades the greatness of the north-side of Indy ten fold.
2. Coffee
Seriously guys, it's time to jump on board here. I know that soda is sweeter, and that tea is gentler. If I, Captain IBS, can handle coffee, you can too. It's time get cracking. The most important liquids on earth are as follows: communion, water, and coffee. This is God's is proof that God loves people. This decision will also change your life. Thank God also for mints though - because if you are a coffee junkie, you won't have many friends without the mints. I've read recently that those who drink over 6 cups of coffee a day reduce their risk of getting diabetes almost 60%. Hmm...maybe things like that aren't coincidence?
So, there you go, a few little things that are reminders of God's greatness. God is good...I told you so.
You should watch:
1. TV - Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern (the Travel Channel)
You should listen to:
1. Wavorly - Conquering the Fear of Flight (Flicker Records).

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I am back from my two weeks on the road. Cornestone and CIY, back to back. I can't say that I like it in that order, necessarily, but good times were had. The weeks were powerful in their own way.

Here are the Best shows of Cornerstone 2007.
1. Norma Jean- You may hate their music, but seeing them live is an experience in itself. Best show, hands down.
2. Underoath
3. Showbread -
4. Wavorly - Best new band I saw this year
5. Jonezetta - welcome to the main stage

Honorable mention goes to eleventyseven, flatfoot ( you are cornerstone kings) project86. Sorry to the bands who were really good that I didn't see - sorry, I'm just getting too old to get to every show these days.