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Thursday, August 23, 2007

Late Night Musings ..

Always so much to say after the wife and child have retired. I spend so much of these days doing, and sometimes it seems as if my only times to be come after everyone else is asleep, and I am officially in solitude. This has been a particularly interesting week for this occurence, as every one in our house has managed to be sick at some point in the last week.

Here's what has been really cool lately.
1. The Varsity soccer team is 2-0 for the first time in the four years I've coached. Not playing Avon early in the season is good for the confidence.
2. I had an awesome date with my daughter today - Emery discovered the wonders of the fast food playground today - and I was a hero.
3. I got a random call from Scott Ensminger. This dude, perhaps more than anyone outside of my own wife, believes in me, supports me, cares for me. I have to say that he possesses the ability make me not feel like i'm the worst youth minister in the world, and his calls to tell me that always seem to be at God send moments.
4. I have a meatloaf cover of celine dion - you are jealous.
5. I got Madden 2008 - and actually have found time for 4 games so far.

Here's what's so/so lately.
1. Being vomited on several times in one night. I have to say, cleaning it up is a lot worse than wearing it. Five shirts later, that night, I had the same thought my wife did: it may be a while before we eat Pork and Beans.
2. The month of August. I like prepping for the fall, but man, it's crazy busy.
3. Watching the last episode of BOY MEETS WORLD. It's definately thought-provoking - could I be George Feeny?

Here's what's poopy lately.
1. Having a bad picture of you tagged on facebook. really friends, a little ettiquette? My goodness, some of the pictures of me that are posted or tagged of me are ones that make my ex girlfriends go - "thank God we got out of THAT!" Let's make a deal...if I have a picture of you that makes you look double your body size, I won't post it. If I have one where you have a huge green booger, or a nasty, overly clingy t-shirt on, and these things were not intentional attempts at humor...I will not post/tag the pic.

2. Worrying about a friend whose going through a hard time.

3. Cleaning up Emery puke. See so/so section, part 1.