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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

I'd like to buy the world a buttery biscuit

Tomorrow morning brings a much needed day off. While I haven't felt incredibly busy, there's plenty of little projects to accomplish. New Year's Parties to plan, retreats to explore, messages to write. All the while, I'm preparing for this trip to South Africa. I have to admit that there are times when I don't feel like I should be the one to go on this trip. There are better speakers, better christian, better representatives for CIY. Nevertheless, I have no doubt that I need to take advantage of the opportunity. I think God has much to teach me.

I'm not sure why I put a picture of a chicken biscuit on here. Now that its here though, perhaps we should enjoy one together?

The Chicken Biscuit is a staples of my thursdays with Emery. We share two biscuits, play in the play place, then go about our errand-running until Emery crashes for nap. I have many things I want my daughter to learn in life....appreciation for the chicken biscuit is one. I don't love any fast food, to be honest, save for this little delectation. Unfortunately, it's too early to share the coffee.

I have been told that chicken is not an acceptable breakfast food. The following is my retort: "you are wrong. I am right. Not just now, but about everything. Taste and see that the chicken is good."

Speaking of Emery...she is walking and talking these days. My guess is that she can say about 30 words; at least, I can decipher about 30 words in her jibberish. It's a really fun time with her. When the door opens, and my daughter runs excitedly to the door, it puts a lot in perspective. Before I become one of those parents who pulls the "guess what cool thing my daughter did today" stuff, it will suffice to say that her desire to have relationship with me, her pursuit of her daddy, makes me think long and hard about how lazy I am in my walk with Christ at times.

Currently, I'm so sick of talk radio's ridiculously repetitive commercials. Back to the ipod.

Speaking of which - here are some CD's you need to spin:
1. Emery - I'm only a Man - Yes yes, musical elitists...I get it. However, the more I listen to this CD, the more I am convinced that it is brilliant.
2. Thrice - The Alchemy Index - I love concept alblums
3. Jimmy Eat World - Chase this Light - Much better than the Futures CD, channels the classic J.E.W. sound with some "bleed american" in the mix.

Friday, October 5, 2007

I’m waiting for my Dunder Miffin gift basket

Quick soccer update:We beat a hard-fighting Cascade team 5-3 last night. I have to say that I was impressed by Cascade this season. They're talented here and there, but they work hard as a team, and play with a ton of heart. In a playoff game, that tightens the talent gap. They had me sweating, and I, at one point, was pretty sure we were not going to walk away with a win.

30 rock. hilarious last night - same with the Office. If you watch Grey's Anatomy, I'm writing you out of my will.

I'm wiating to hear from some of you regarding how much you don't like the new Emery CD because it's not the first two. I've already heard some criticism. Musical elitists, hear this: Bands don't like to make the same CD twice. If they do, their name is Creed or Britney Spears. Where is Creed now? Exactly. Britney Spears? Too soon. While I dont' think this Emery CD will go down as my favorite, I think there are three-four killer tracks. I can dig experimental stuff too. If you are the kind of person who judges bands based on each CD, you are going to end up hating every band you've ever loved, and I just feel sorry for you. Embrace what you like. Support the bands as they grow - after all, you helped them get to the place where they don't just want to write 3-4 minute sing along anthems.

For further reading on this, consult Five Iron Frenzy's "Handbook for the Sellout."

Monday, October 1, 2007

Rabies is an epidemic. Beware.

Baltimore lost to Cleveland? What? Are you serious?

One roadblock in an otherwise good Sunday. I've felt pretty good about the X so far, and I'm ready to hit the stride. I feel like we've got the band sounding pretty good, and the speaking is coming along. I do feel a wall put up by many of the students - very image conscious right now. But, there's a lot of new faces this year, so it's not like we really know each other yet. I look forward to that changing as the year goes on.

Quick soccer update: The team is 11-4-1, which is a PHENOMENAL season for Danville soccer. We've got a better shot at sectionals than we have in the past few seasons. I'm a little bummed about how we finished, but it doesn't take away from the fact that the season was the best I've had with the team, in a variety of ways.

I was offered a chance to go to South Africa in December to help train youth workers in the country. I'm pretty pumped about the opportuntity to do that - though I think I'll learn a lot mroe than I'll actually teach them. I am told that the word "khaki" is bad in africans, and now I have this fear that I'm going to use the word at some deeply spiritual moment, simply because

The Office season premiere was last week -If you missed it - why aren't you watching this show? Sprinkles will eat you alive! 30 Rock starts up this week - another good one. Also, Lebron James was pretty funny on SNL, for a sports celebrity. The High School Musical spoof - wrong in parts, but HILARIOUS! Peyton Manning's last year is a hard to top - he was probably the best sports celebrity to do SNL since Michael Jordan did it in the early 90's. I'm actually really staring to warm up to the new group of SNL'ers . Actually, I did last year, but this week kind of suggested to me that this wasn't a fluke.

I'm almost down to my last pound of Blue Mountain coffee. Any going to Jamaica?

Too many things to do.