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Saturday, June 21, 2008

My life is like a rolling river - so muddy and absurd.

Highlights of June thus Far:

Seattle trip:
1. 5 yr. Anniversary with the Mrs. - fun times - lots of inside jokes here... like when we heard an amazing pianist play jazz karaoke.
2. I love Coffee - and so does Seattle. I never did fine one that I would say totally surpasses Starbucks - but Tully's Blueberry Mocha was pretty amazing.
3. Seeing Showbread live - wow. If you haven't gotten Anorexia and Nervosa yet, then you need to. 4. Mars Hill Church - for a couple of reasons.
A. I love mark driscoll
b. A dude in front of me fell asleep during sermon - and I'm just glad that happens to mark
driscoll too.
C. Their LED lights on the wall were very cool - and I want them.

Know Sweat Speaking Gig - Cincinnati, OH
1. I love what the CIY team is doing with Know Sweat . Very cool. Matt Gilchist - job well done.
2. Eating Skyline Chili three times that week
3. Time with Students - they were very cool to me - I do hope it was good for me to be with them.
4. Nathan Shaver - one of my favorite worship leaders - and I'm not just saying that because he's a friend.

Other random stuff:
1. The X Awards were fun tonight - hope the sponsors felt appreciated
2. Emery has been awesome lately. I can't believe she's two. She's getting pretty human now. I knwo that sounds werid, but the other day, for her birthday, we took her to Moe's. She celebrated - she was so pumped up. It was awesome.
3. I got to see Demon Hunter the other night - pretty good event.
4. Tina Fey is on a rerun of SNL. I love it.

I need to work on stuff now. Just wanted to check in...