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Monday, August 18, 2008

Life, Love, and the obnoxious yankees fan.

Tonight's conversation after our small group was everything that a late night, post-study question should be. I've been thinking about it so much that I have refused to play Madden or fast-forward DVR'ed episodes of Family Matters (yep, I'm that cool). There's a part of me that simply wants to escape behind my iPod and forget about it. And yet, I can't.

The essence of the conversation was this: does free-will impede ability to have just one pre-determined plan? If there is only one plan for us - then does where we go to college really matter - after all, we'll get to that place anyway, if it's God's pre-determined will.

I get sick of arguing about predestination - so I took the conversation this way - if you erased the pain that has led you to this point, where you are today, that is, where would you be? would you be in the same place? What would change? Think a la Eternal Sunshine without the bad kate winslet dye job.

Would I be in Indy if I hadn't gotten my heart ripped out of my behind? Would I have ever met my wonderful Mrs. Ancarrow if I had transferred my senior year of college? Would the Orioles still stink if that obnoxious 12 year old kid hadn't robbed Tony Tarasco of a sure -fire out in the 1996 playoff series between the O's and the Yanks? Discuss, Discuss...

I love these kinds of conversations when they're not rooted out of trying to make yourself sound smarter than everyone else.

In closing - some other random fun
1. does anyone know where the Dunkin Donuts is going to be in Avon, and when?
2. My prediction is that the ravens aren't going to be as bad as everyone says this year -
because we've gone KYLE BOLLER (please note sarcasm). It's a sad day when I'm begging
coach to play a Buckeye or a blue hen. Go Delaware! We'll see. I want to be wrong so badly!
3. You still need Anorexia and Nervosa by Showbread.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pieeerrrrrr Oneeeee!

I saw a list today for the top "annoying commericals" on TV. I have to say that only one on the list would have been on my list. Take that, Oxyclean - you are officially obnoxious.
Rounding out my top 3:
2. Vonage Commerical with the annoying girl
3. Anything endorsed by Kirstie Alley