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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Life update.

So, here I sit, planning ways to get students to not go to the movies on Sunday night, or sit around playing rock band instead of listening to good rock bands. i need a mental break - as this week is going to be killer. Wake me up when September ends? If you're a high schooler and you're reading this...Come to kickoff...bring your friends. It will be worth it. the end.

Things are okay. My stress level is pushed to a near boiling - point. I need a couple of days off - and that'll be at the end of the month/first part of next month with a couple of days in Joplin. The weird thing is - despite feeling so fried - I'm really ready for the year to start. I'm sick of planning things - ready to get moving on the year. I think it will be a good one.

I watched the Colts eek one out today. Peyton Manning is amazing...period.

The Soccer team is 7-3 now. It's been a fun year. No attitudes...very teachable. Lots of good discussion, on and off the field. I've gotten quite nostalgic the past few days, in light of soccer. I even pulled up the herald-mail website to see how Smithsburg soccer is doing. Turns out even better than we used to be...pretty sweet. Good for the old alma-mater. I often re-think those days. What if I hadn't gotten so down on myself? What if I had just played the game and enjoyed pushing myself? Would I have quit in college, even though I could have played?

The girls are doing okay. Both Amber and Emery have had spells of sickness as of late. It's a wonder I've stayed decently healthy, considering I'm barely sleeping on top of having two sick people in the house. But baby #2 is moving along healthily, so, despite illness, these are good times. Emery got quite upset the other day that she could not see her brother or sister right then....she threw a huge fit. Pretty amusing, with the exception of the screaming, crying, and basically every other part of throwing a fit outside of its original purpose.

Brave Saint Saturn's new CD released tuesday. Reese Roper, my friends...the end.