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Sunday, January 4, 2009

2008 Reflections

The Big NYE party has passed, and I have had a few days to lay around the house thinking, reflecting and being emo (thank you, Colts, for contributing to this). Here are my top moments of 2008.

1. 2008's biggest news was the news that we're expecting baby #2. It's hard for me to put into words the utter excitement, and yet, utter fear that this brings out me. I feel like every day with Emery is an opportunity to learn what it means to be a good dad, and the thought of duplicating myself for another person is incredibly intimidating to me. Three girls in the house...I suppose I'm not far from need a regular boy's night out, full of chicken wings, grunting, and farting.

2. The Seattle trip. I have blogged about this before, so I will spare the rouse. I have to say, rocking out to Showbread's "You Can't Save Yourself" tour with my wife is an experience I'll never forget. Throw in Mars Hill, great food, Mt. Rainier, and it was just an incredible, incredible, week.

3. The Maryland Mission Trip. So many memories...such hard work....such a cool place. The trip turned into quite a personal adventure, and may have left me more convicted about where my future lies than any other student trying to navigate through the college junk.

4. Working with CIY & NYR . Let me qualify this by saying that I am still not sure what I was doing on stage alongside some of these people. I felt like some crappy 80's hair band (Slaughter) opening up for Guns and Roses. It was truly humbling, and truly cool. My prayer was that I handled the Word of God well, and that the Holy Spirit worked in lives through me. It was tremendously cool just meeting so many people from all over the country who are trying to live out their faith. I was blessed more than I blessed anyone.

5. THe opening of Dunkin Donuts in Avon. Coffee....glorious coffee.

Honorable mention: the Dark Knight and Showbread's "anorexia" & "nervosa"

stuff I learned in 2008.
- That you can win lots of regular season games, and still lose the Superbowl (man, how I love this when it's the Patriots).
- That sometimes "delete" is the best response to an e-mail. I wish I had hit it a few more times.
- That stuff that got me down three years ago doesn't really get me down anymore.
- That God has put some phenomenal people around me.
- That I make pretty good crabcakes.
- That I need to get out of my office more.
- That if I don't make time for myself, no one will make it for me.
- That the aging rocker in me doesn't want to die, but doesn't want to be "that guy"
- That I am the girl sometimes in my marriage.
- That, no matter how times it scrolls through my DVR on Nick at Nite, later season Family Matters just isn't funny at all.