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Thursday, February 19, 2009

15 things that tops the 25 random survey

My brother listed off his 15 essential records. I decided to do the same.

1. Five Iron Frenzy - "Upbeats and Beatdowns"
My first CD. I'm so glad that Rick Lee bought me this, so that my first CD is something I can actually be proud of owning. I actually hated this CD the first time I listened to it - then quickly realized my folly. Not their best record, but the genius begins here.
DOWNLOAD: "Where 0 Meets 15. "

2. MxPx - "Teenage Politics"
Great Teen-angst.
DOWNLOAD: "Rainy Day"

3. Zao - "Liberate Te Ex Infernis"
Metal Brilliance. Zao's importance simply cannot be overstated. While I wish this band hadn't been so combustible and misunderstood, methinks this is part of what makes them so brilliant even today. At first, I thought I just liked the fact that the title was in Latin (Tootie would have been proud of me for knowing what it meant), but I soon realized how brilliantly profound this record is.
DOWNLOAD: "Savannah"

4. Jimmy Eat World - "Clarity"
Emo-rock at its finest. Still one of my most favorite road-trip CD's.
DOWNLOAD: "Lucky Denver Mint"

5. Showbread - "Anorexia/Nervosa"
The most creative CD I have ever heard in terms of packaging, writing, etc. This double CD is what "Christian" music should be - pure art dedicated to Christ. This is a modern day parable.
DOWNLOAD: "The Beginning: Nervosa" or "The Journey: Nervosa."

6. Steve Taylor - "Squint"
Creation 94: Steve Taylor. The Christian "Cheese" that I thought of when I thought of Christian Music dripped away, and I saw the hope that would help me justify why there was more to music than Nirvana's "Nevermind." I am on my third copy of this record - I wore it out twice in high school.
DOWNLOAD: "Jesus is For Losers"

7. Emery - "the Question" -
I remember get an advance copy of the song"So Cold..." on a sampler at Cornerstone the year this record came out. I listened to it over and over for a month before I got the full-length CD. by August 2 of that year, I would have paid $20 just for that song.
Download: "So Cold I could Catch My breath."

8. Guns and Roses - "Greatest Hits"
I'd love to pick one G N R record, but I'll refrain. Axl tried to block the release of this CD - I'm glad that he lost. This is all the wailing, filthy rock,and massive orchestration in one place.
DOWNLOAD: "November Rain"

9. One-21- "self-Titled"
the 13th tribe looked up to One-21 so much. This CD started a 2nd run of brilliance in the life of this band. This time, we got to be a part of some shows where this record was played live. You haven't lived til you've seen your future wife rock out to one-21, standing on a chair while selling your merch.
DOWNLOAD: "Peculiar Nation"

10. Five Iron Frenzy - "Our Newest Album Ever"
My favorite five Iron record - perhaps because it brought their most famous song.
DOWNLOAD: "Every New Day"

11. Dashboard Confessional - "The Places You Have Come to Fear the Most"
Simply put: there is no better soundtrack for times when Girls from Ohio rip your heart out of your hole. I'm forever indebted to Mr Carabba for this work of Brilliance.
DOWNLOAD: "The Best Deceptions"

12. Michael Jackson - "Thriller"
I had a folder of this album cover in second grade. It's so brilliant its become cliche to call it brilliant. I have never bought this one again in its entirety (mainly because I don't want to support current MJ in this out of control incarnation of him), but I'll never forget listening to it as a kid.
DOWNLOAD: "Beat it"

13. Garden State Soundtrack
I love a soundtrack that is better than the movie. "Garden State" is typcial overrated Zach Braff - but man, he does know how to build a soundtrack.
DOWNLOAD: Colin Haye "I Just don't think I"ll ever get over you."

14. Brave Saint Saturn - "Anti-Meridian"
If you know me, you know I love Reese Roper. This is the most recent Reese Roper project - the first one in years. It may not be Reese's best work ever,but it is new dose of lyrical brilliance that reminds me why I am naming a child after him.
DOWNLOAD: "Blessed Are the Land Mines"

15. Brand New - "Deja Entendu"
I was over my girl-hating when this CD came out, so I didn't immediately want to give this CD a chance. Deja Entendu displays Brand New's maturity and depth.
DOWNLOAD: "Quiet Things No One Ever Knows"

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Tonight, I Celebrate My Love...

On this St. Valentine's day evening, Amber and I indulged in several of our loves:
1. Wings
2. Conversation.
3. Coffee

By the way, read today that drinking coffee regularly is supposed to reduce your stress level by 13%. Reason #4,604 why you should drink more coffee.

T-minus 4 weeks until my house is filled with more estrogen!


Friday, February 6, 2009

Rick Roll'd

happy 46th birthday Rick Astley!

We're "never gonna give you up!"

Monday, February 2, 2009

No Sir, SteelerNation is not practical...

A big weekend. Let me begin with my congratulatory picture to the Steeler Fans everywhere.

Congrats to the Steelers. It is at least good to see the crown stay in the AFC, the superior conference. I would have loved a "Ravens/cards bird bowl," but alas, twas not meant to be. This year's big game was a great one - one for the ages - especially since it gave me a reason to eat 200 wings with my friends. I am feeling the effects of that right now though.

My favorite part of the weekend however, was the Josh Dies show on Friday night. Showbread has long -been one of my favorite bands, and when Josh's acoustic/book reading tour was pitched to me, I agreed to do the show within 15 minutes of the initial request. Kudos to any band that can maintain integrity in both their faith and in their ability to make great art. thanks for what you do.