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Monday, August 17, 2009

Hot August Night

Today is the longest Monday in a long time. It began at 8:30 this morning (well the "work" work - Reese had me up at 6 a.m.), and it's now well past midnight. I'm stuffing my face with the best potato chips on earth, and working on my to-do list that starts up in 8 hours. Tis the season we call "Fall Prep." I have to say, I both love and hate this time of year. I find an incredible rush coupled with the incredible fear of, "what if this doesn't come together?" IWhile it always seems to, there's always the part of me that goes, "if I only had a few more dollars, or one more week."

I have to give incredible props to Ferg and Clayton at this point, who are helping me have a balance approach to things. So far, this is the first official "fall prep" that's gone past midnight. While more are certainly to come, I will admit that, by now, i've already had a few by now most other years. Truly, I love my job...this is the part of the upside of creativity and like-minded people.

I just need a quick minute to vomit out a few we go:
1. A Yankees hot streak, coupled with the return of Tom Brady, made this past weekend's sports coverage almost unbearable. Thank you, Michael Vick, for lessening the blow. Which, btw. ..
2. Michael Vick...I don't feel sorry for your punishment & crime. Sin feels like a party - and then the party crashes (take notes, those who are selectively ignoring wise counsel...though I'm sure you just glossed over that to in the name of "Don't tell Ancarrow..."). What i do feel sorry for you in, Mr. Vick, is all the extremism your struggle will draw for those looking for a platform. In a society where dogs are often treated better than children, it's pretty hyprocritical to me to hear those who cheat on their wives, screw up their families, and emotionally abuse their kids say stupid ignorant things in the name of "we don't like the fact that this guy gets paid what he does." Truth is, many who will drink and drive won't pay a tenth of the price Vick did for his crime. In that, I do feel sorry for him. What he did was disgusting...but let's look at the specks in our own eyes, people. Do we really think the NFL is full of boy scouts? It's all fine and good to throw stones until its our team that's affected. ...and winning super bowls shuts us up pretty quick.
3. the new Showbread CD - fun...not as great as Anorexia/Nervosa, but it has some really good moments. Let there be Raw indeed, my friends...September 9 will be sweet.
4. Emery at the Gear - great live show. Would have like to have heard "the Butcher's Mouth" and "the Poor and the Prevelant" though. Emery, please, work on that - after all, it's all about me, right? to the guy who proposed to his gal at the show...please, I beg you sir, do not let her anywhere near Clearwater, FL.
5. First soccer match tomorrow vs. Covenant - should be a real measuring stick of how our team is this year. I don't get overly excited about any non-conference game in the first who weeks of the season,but I am quite interested to see what we've got.

night night.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Epic Song Lyric Tuesday.

SHOWBREAD - The Fear of God

Dear God, why should I think You’re good in a world that’s falling apart?
The flags and lies, picket signs raised high, the endless enveloping dark
Now here we sit, drifting further from You, two thousand years on their way out
Now here I am, as I’ve grown to know You, still haunted by my fears and my doubts

Just a man, just a vapor, just a waste of your space
All the good that I’ve done is in spite of myself
I’m not sure that I can look You in Your face when I finally set foot in Your kingdom

Dear God, what went wrong? We hate ourselves, we hate our brother
We so desperately want to find our way, and all You say is "love one another"

And little babies starve to death, emaciated, out of breath
Unfaithful wives make vows untrue, husbands beat them black and blue
Junkies vomit in the streets, writhing, twitching in their skin
Sell themselves to die some more, rotting from the outside in
Parents steal the innocence from their children, scared and shaking
Drink away the guilt at night, brings quiet to the endless aching
And evil men boast on TV, swimming in a sea of wealth
While misery beds honest men, and lonely people kill themselves
And everyone cries out Your name, as the world is raped by selfishness
And no one knows the way to heaven, we only know the emptiness
And the storm it rages in my heart, and the endless empty roars in my ears
My world is coming all apart, I’ve no strength left to dry my tears
And through it all I hear Your voice, breaking my heart, breaking my will
Calms the storm inside my soul as You whisper "peace, be still..."

You place Your hands around my heart, You quiet the emptiness in me
A king that kneels, a God made a servant, You set the captives free
You wait for me, a wretch of a man, no record of wrongs do You keep
You are comfort when I mourn, You are strength when I am weak
Jesus Christ, the king of kings
Though we ache, though we cry, never break, never die
We sing of His great love again and again
And His love reigns forever, and forevermore
Forever and ever, Amen