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Monday, May 10, 2010

What kind of player are you?

In sports, there are great players, and there are there are great-skilled players. After years of coaching, I see a huge distinction. It's fairly easy, with the right skill-set and the God-given talent, to be best player on a poor team. What's more difficult is to be a person who, in the face of difficulty, or when everyone is not of the same talent-caliber, makes their team and teammates better. Everyone is rising to their leadership.

For example, I was, by no means, the best player on any soccer team I played on. I never lived in that illusion. When pieced with random "I've been playing club soccer since I was four so that my mommy and daddy can feel better about their own inadequacies" types of players, some would take the opportunities they'd been given, and use it to make me better. Their footwork improved mine. Their shots created opportunities for me. It was a good fit. They may yell at a mistake someone made here and there, but it was rooted in the encouragement of helping us be the best players we can be.

But then there were the "stars" that would just scream. We existed for them. They'd cry at officials over every call. They'd cut everyone down at halftime. They screamed a lot...but motivated no one. In short, they're just talented divas.

The same is true for the body of Christ. Are we the players that improve enhance our brothers and sister's walks with how we come alongside them, or are we too busy whining about how stupid and wrong everyone is, and how we're the only ones who "get it."

I am hoping to be the latter this week. May you do the same.