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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Late night thoughts on National Coffee Day.

One book shelf in my office now sits full cleaned out and properly sorted - waiting for the day when a new youth minister will fill it with books (if Shaver doesn't steal it first). The other shelf is still full stocked with resources, materials and needed things as I prepare and study over these next few weeks. Ahh...limbo.

This seems to be our lives these days. Limbo. Lots of it. As we wait for a house to sell, quotes from moving companies, and our support to come in - we pack boxes in anticipation. Then we go back to our respective jobs, pay our bills, and - some days - seem to feel that nothing has changed at all.

God is teaching us dependence and trust in this season. I must admit, I wanted the crazy cool story of how God sold our house in like 3 hours or something, thus affirming every decision we made immediately after. However, the Lord is refining me, pruning my tendency to trust control and routine over His timing.

And so Limbo continues.

Some specific things to pray for:
1. That our house would sell in the next two weeks.
2. That our fundraising would continue to come in...and that more montly supporters would come on board.
3. Our spiritual health - that we would trust God to provide all we need during this tiem - physically, emotionally, etc.
4. Northview - the selection process of a new youth minister.
5. Our family's transition to MD.
6. Revolution Annapolis - which launches in a few weeks. Pray that details would come together, and that others will come on board with the conjunction of the church's launch.
7. For wisdom in selecting a specific date to move our family.


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Letting Go, Boldly.

After tonight's soccer games, (varsity and JV wins, by the way), I sat down and read Acts 5. Two themes stuck out to me; first, in reading about Ananias and Sapphira, the idea of "holding back" things from God became apparently clear. At the end of the chapter, I read about the boldness of Peter and others, who preached the gospel even when it cost them dearly.

Both of these are themes for us right now as we seek to walk the line between stewardship and sacrifice. We feel so clearly led to MD; but even then, its become clear how much boldness and "letting go" that really is going to require.

All the more, we need your prayers: here's how you can pray for us this week.
1. Pray for us to establish a timeline for moving.
2. Pray that additional financial supporters will come on board to help supplement the full funding of our residency.
3. Pray that our house will sell during these next few weeks, so that we can move in conjunction wtih the launch of Revolution.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I'm in Labor (day, that is).

It's Labor Day - which, as Darrin Patrick's tweet suggested today, should be re-named "manual labor days." I'm t-minus a few minutes from being right there with him, beginning to pack non-essential items and plan the impending move to MD.

I've longed for a moment where this MD thing would begin to feel real. Frankly, it just hasn't yet...despite all the folding of packets and late-night thinking sessions. Today may be the day.

For the past 8 years - Labor day has usually consisted of me using part of, if not all, of the day to plan the X Fall Kickoff. We've done all kinds of things over the years, from concerts to writing a "musical." As I concluded my time doing the same thing today, it hit me, " this is my last X fall kickoff." That, in itself, is a really surreal feeling, since the planning of this event has marked my entire adult life. It's also made it clear to me that the new few weeks will be full of moments like this one - where tears of excitement and joy meet the tears of goodbyes and farewells.

...The crowds recoil, demand our survival, fists in the air, mouths caked with saliva. But you are the one, the spark that was spawned, who picks up the pieces, and passes it on....(Reese Roper, "See the Flames Begin to Crawl")

Back to Labor...