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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Launch Weekend: A Recap!

This past weekend marked the first "official" weekend of services for Revolution Annapolis. Though we've been helping (as much as we can from 10 hours away) to prepare for this event, it was an amazingly surreal experience to join this team in launching this new church.

For me, launch was an incredible time to step by and watch how God brought the people who make up this church together. Since I was meeting most people on the launch team (those who were committed to helping start the church) for the first time, I found myself hearing all the different ways that God was leading people to Annapolis. Some are Marylanders who share my love of crabcakes & corn on the cob; others are transplants who were unable to find a church. Some others moved (or are moving) to Annapolis to help start this church. As we unloaded boxes of sound gear and children's ministry "walls," it was surreal to know that God was using all of us, and our individual stories, to make his name famous in Annapolis. Amber and I felt a quick connection to many on the launch team, and look forward to many more days of proclaiming the love of Christ together.

The launch itself was an amazing event. As you can see from the pics, an empty hotel ballroom was filled with people on Sunday morning. All in all, there were 269 who attended our launch.

Josh preached about a Revolutionary Jesus, who defies so many of the pictures of Jesus we've created for the sake of our comforts. In a place where these false pictures are often embraced, I pray that we would be agents in making this revolutionary Jesus known to the state of Maryland.

While it's irrelevant to the rest of the post, I must tell you that the afternoon consisted of watching the ravens with a bowl of Grandma Utz potato chips, and then a crabcake dinner at Mike's , directly on the water front. I am going to like living in Maryland again.

Before I left town, the staff of Revolution gathered to evaluate, review, and figure out a plan for moving forward. While there's much to praise Jesus in conjunction with launch, our staff also feels a great burden for those who God has brought us. As we move forward to future weeks, pray that many who checked out Revolution would come back. pray that we could connect them to other Christians who would model Christ's love, and that they, in turn, would be display a revolutionary Jesus to the world.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Here comes the Revolution...

I'm excited to say that, starting this Sunday, the image that you're viewing becomes an "official" weekly staple in the city of Annapolis.

Revolution Launches this weekend. I am so excited for this team of people, most of whom I haven't even met at this point. I'm grateful for their hearts, and their commitment to seeing the mission of God carried out in their city. I'm excited to learn from them, and to help where I can. I'll give a report on the launch of Revolution next week. In the meantime, pray for our team, and for the weekend's launch.

In other news, we have a timeline for our transition to MD. It is as follows:
  • November 9-23 - In Annapolis with Revolution
  • November 23- head to KY for Thankgiving, and to share with Fairview Christian Church, who wants to partner with us (praising God for this!)
  • November 29 - December 5 - Our final week at NCC on staff.
Amber will be finished teaching in conjunction with the end of Danville's first tri-mester on November 5.

There's still some details that need to come together in our transition. The biggest is our house. Pray that it sells. We know that this is a hard economic time, but we have a great home. It's hard to be patient...pray that we will submit to God in this, and do all we can in the meantime to get the word out. If you have a friend who would be in the market for a 1400 sq ft, 3br, 2bath home in Danville, please have them take a look.

Looking forward to updating you on the launch next week.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A little downsizing

Consider this our "yard sale." As we prepare to move to MD, time will not allow us to have a formal yard sale event. However, as we downsize and pack up, there's some stuff that we want to see find a good home when we head to MD. So, if you have want/need for any of the following items, email me at or . You can just have the items (first come, first serve), or could make a small contribution for the items. Whatever is fine. My guess is that more items are to come - check back at a later time.

Toddler - Two person porch swing
Toddler slide & Swing
White Dresser (four drawer) – great for kids room
Computer Desk
Black leather recliner (cat scratched, but very comfortable)
Bed – Double bed – mattress, boxspring & frame - SPOKEN FOR
Queen size bed frame
Rocking Chair for nursery/children’s room
Infant Changing Table
8 ft. Artificial Christmas Tree - SPOKEN FOR