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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Annapolis...For Lease

Here's a description of my first weekend, via video vlog, that I made for the NCC church body. Forgive my lack of editing skills - perhaps future videos will be fancier.

If that doesn't sum up my previous week at Revolution, then the sign below will. For starters, I'm fairly certain that Coldwell Banker owns half of the city of Annapolis.

I've been looking around the city for signs like this one. Leaving messages - waiting for calls back - looking for the perfect office space. I've actually found a space I really like - stay tuned to see if it becomes the future offices of Revolution. While my wallet will be thankful for semi-permanent office space, I must say that I've enjoyed getting to make various area coffee shops my makeshift office for hours at a time.

For our family, here's some stuff to pray for:
1. That our house in Danville would sell.
2. For monthly supporters to continue to come on board .
3. For a smooth transition for Amber and the girls; friends, community, etc.
4. For a smooth transition at NCC with a new youth minister.
5. That Scott would connect quickly with friends and co-workers,and would effectively serve Revolution quickly.
6. For emotional and physical health for our family.
7. For Revolution Annapolis - which is now a month old.