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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Moving Revelations.

Here are some things I learned during the process of moving to MD:

1. I did not use Mayflower to move....because if I had, I would have left town on time. While I was exceedingly grateful for the extra time with friends, I was not grateful to have worked really hard to prepare a house only to not have a moving company not show up until 48 hours later. I will, however, give Kudos to the driver George, and the movers themselves, who did an awesome job upon their arrival.

2. Movers love to talk Football. This was nice for me.

3. One mover thought I looked like David Caruso. This was a welcome departure from "Opie."

4. Sheetz is still the best "all in one" stopping place on the Interstate.

5. The items given to me in the Northview "office warming" part of our Xmas Party make me look like a creeper (Jar of Pickles, ceramic bunny, random pictures of Restoration movement preachers)

6. Moving is never simple. Period.

7. I cherish sauces and spices, perhaps more than I should. This is why a bag of them travelled to Maryland with me.

8, The X - wow. It was a great final Sunday with students & sponsors on 12/5, and I will really miss those students.

9. #8 is also true with the collection of friends we connected with over the course of our final week. Anyone wanna move to MD? if it's a perk to you, there is currently no snow on the ground.

10. Road trips always make me dig deep into the ipod. This is why I rocked Young MC's "Bust a Move" while I was drive through Columbus.

Things are coming together here. to hear my first sermon at Revolution, check out or visit the Itunes store.