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Monday, February 28, 2011

On Feeding 40K

A few months ago, the hotel where Revolution typically meets let us know that there would be one day where they could not allow us to have church on their property, as the space had already been rented. We talked as a staff, we made a few calls, and Josh returned with a bold vision: to use our Sunday morning time to purchase, package, and ship meals to hungry people.

What resulted was "FEED 40K;" a chance for our body to see that we not only worship Jesus with our our voices, but with our hands and our purse strings. We printed 400 waivers in anticipation, printed 400 shirts, had enough coffee donated for 300 cups (75% of which was to be consumed by me), and bought 500 wristbands, simply because we couldn't buy any less than that amount in a package.

None of it was enough, save for some coffee.

Per our calculations, 540 people participated in the feed40K event. Sports teams came together (Thank you, Messiah College), Families served with one another; friends invited friends, neighbors, and their mailmen. Emery (as seen above) participated in her first "service" event. We gave her the information she needed as far as "why" people are hungry. That night, she (unprompted) prayed for the children in Haiti who are still hungry, and will be after the food we packed runs out. Emery's heart has always been sensitive; but it was great to see it sensitive to the things that break God's heart.

My prayer for Revolution is the same, in this case, as the one that I pray for my daughters. My prayer is that they would know the Lord, and love Him with genuine affection. Then, with that foundation, that they would worship Him by caring and loving those who are overlooked, those who do not benefit capitalism or credit card rewards points. My hope is that they would be worshippers, and not philanthropists...that they would see the inextricable link between what happens on a Sunday morning and what goes on in the rest of their week....not because the preaching or song selections are "awesome," but because their God is both great and good.

Please join me in praying this prayer for Revolution in the weeks to come. Pray for me, and the rest of the ministry leaders, that we would model a service first to the Lord, and that we would then see others as the Lord sees them. Pray that our city would not just focus on transforming the world in service, but also would be transformed by the gospel out of God's service to us.

Oh, and thanks so stinking much for you partnership.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Sir Ancarrow the Black-hearted.

Valentine's Day is a fun distraction. Though I've never participated fully, and my college dating experience has forever soured a bulk of romantic comedies for me, chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears score you huge points with the daughters. I love making them feel loved. I wish I could say that's the lasting image of today.

The weekend was great celebrate of love in our family. However, on this day (Valentine's Day), I'm reminded though of how truly black my heart is. No, it's not because Justin Bieber is on Conan. Today, on the day of love, my heart was revealed as imperfect and unloving. I was reminded that my heart is "deceitful," and hard to trust when left to its own selfishness and devices. I was reminded of how, even inadvertently, this black heart and it's desires can bring hurt to others when it chooses itself.

I hate failing. I love telling you that your sin doesn't define you compared to who you are in Christ, but I hate the moments where I'm reminded through my "stupidity" how much I really Christ working in my heart. I hide behind a perfectionist's spirit, working hard to have as little to repent for as possible. Some days, I'm even ridiculous enough to believe that hype.

These final moments of my day are uncomfortable. Frankly, I've not won at anything today. I feel like a complete failure...nothing I worked to accomplish today ended up as it should.

My prayer is that in my failure, Christ would shine all the more in me.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Raining Crabcakes: Hallelujah!

The photo is from Chick and Ruth's. Yesterday I enjoyed a 1/2 pound crabcake (no sides but lettuce - don't worry) with my aunt. It felt right, knowing that there was much to be celebrated yesterday. If you watched Man Vs. Food, this is the restaurant that was featured in the Washington DC episode for the "colossal challenge."

Why Celebrate on a Monday, you ask?

1. The Steelers lost! Sorry to both the many bandwagoners and those "true fans" with Western PA ties that are 3rd and 4th generation fans alike, but I was rooting against you. Even Fergie butchering GNR & the promo spots for Glee couldn't temper my joy on Sunday night. Now that football has ended (and may not be back for a while), please join me in directing your angst at the Yankees. In fact, Cameron Diaz serving A-Rod popcorn during the game should serve as some kind of prophetic foreshadowing in where we should all direct our angst.

2. Some very good Indiana friends welcomed Baby Ella Ferguson into the world. Congrats Heather & Sean, I wish I could warp zone to Indiana for a hour to send my love in person. We're so happy for you! What's best: Baby Ella gets to share a birthday with Nathan Shaver & Charles Dickens. Great company, right?

3. I sit here, anticipating a phone call that may actually come today with an offer on our house in Indiana. This is 48 hours after a phone call I had gotten about the house saying that our gutters had frozen over, and that water had gotten in as a result. Whether it all pans out or not, I have seen God work through circumstances and through people this weekend in ways that make me realize that He's good, sovereign, and working all things together for the good. An offer or not, this has been brought to my mind today.

4. There are great shows coming to the area: in fact, too many to count. My wife and I are going to see Jimmy Eat World on Sunday, and my brother and I are seeing Underoath on the 22nd. Future shows include the GetUpKids, Emery, and Danielson.

Quick music plug: I picked up the new record from "the Civil Wars." I don't listen to alt-country every day, but this music is great stuff. If you're up for something new, give it a whirl.