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Monday, March 21, 2011

So Long, 345 Chestnut

This past Friday, the sale of our home in Danville, IN was closed. In light of that fact, here are some of my favorite "345 Chestnut" moments.

10. Getting 40 people in our home for a bunco night.
9. Not having to scrape my windshield for 8 years , courtesy of the two gar garage.
8. Sliding down our backyard on carboard boxes with the girls during snowstorms.
7. Laundry, Monday Night Football, and Madden when Scott Ensminger lived there.
6. Remodeling Emery's room for the arrival of Reese. Never before has purple flowery things, and butterfly lights seemed so manly.
5. Jumping around the living room while silently celebrating greats sports victories (Most notable: the Colts over the Pats to advance to the Super Bowl, and the US men's soccer team scoring three goals in the last 15 minutes to beat Costa Rica to advance to the World cup)
4. Surviving the Indiana Earthquake. I ran into the backyard thinking that the grill had fallen over.
3. Remembering exactly where I was sitting both times I found out we were pregnant.
2. Many, many, many nights of grilling out in the backyard with both family and friends.
1. The College ladies Bible study that was interrupted by some "passionate" neighbors.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Praying for Japan.

From Churches Helping, here's a good article on how to be in prayer for the people of Japan during this time.

At this point, with more questions than answers, prayer is an especially good place to be. Please pray for:

  • Endangered people. Pray for those that are stranded or stuck somewhere. Pray that search and rescue teams would reach them.
  • Relief workers. Pray for more workers. Pray for skilled workers. Pray for their strength and safety. Some are working in areas where there are still aftershocks and nuclear danger. Pray for their mental and emotional health. In half of my conversations so far, people breakdown in tears because of the trauma.
  • Assessment teams to successfully gather information regarding the status of churches and communities hit on the coast. This information will be the starting point for many organizations.
  • Japanese leaders. Pray for wisdom and discernment as they coordinate the country’s efforts.
  • Resources. Pray for food, water, blankets, gasoline, and other supplies to reach those in need. In Tokyo, some grocery stores were out of bread yesterday.
  • Energy rationing: The greater Tokyo area has begun energy rationing via rolling blackouts. This may be due to the shutting down of the two Fukushima nuclear plants. This is going to bring hardship on many people and obstruct communication.
  • Wisdom and discernment. Pray for guidance for CHC as we consider how we can best serve the churches in Japan.
  • Faith. Pray that believers everywhere would trust in the Lord, especially during these times.