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Monday, June 27, 2011

O's /Reds game with the In-laws

We took the girls to their first O's game yesterday. They had a blast. Consider the evidence.

Poor Quality and Hard to Hear - but this is a sampling of how Reese spent the entire 9th Inning of Yesterday's O's game. By the end, even Papaw couldn't help but hope that the O's pulled it out against the Reds.

In the 6th inning, which was particularly long, Emery, Reese, and I gave her Papaw a tour of Camden Yards. As we came to the end of the circle around Emery said, "When do we get to go back and watch the game?"

Monday, June 13, 2011

God working in the Chaos - a plea on a Church Planting Monday

This post was motivated by a friend in Indiana, who said they'd like to see more of our "Church planting" life through the lens of the blog. This is my attempt do so.

6:35 a.m. - I am running late for church. Trying to be a hero, I decide to forego a coffee run to get to church at normal time, only to find traffic at a stand still downtown. Scott waits, waits, and then cuts someone off to U-turn quickly. Horn honks are exchanged, and I already find myself needing to repent. I have no choice, as I know that today's sermon was about loving people.

6:45 a.m. - I am now going the long way to get to church. I'm also officially late. Repenting, I stop and get coffee anyway (I'm already late at this point).

7:00 a.m. - Revolution adapts to a different setup than normal. The elementary kids are placed in a room far far away. to get to this room, you have to pass the breakfast bar. Scott gets visions of bacon chaos. The move affects every ministry team in some manner, and though nothing went wrong, we all feel a little tense.

9:30 a.m. - I volunteer to watch the preschool kids during the volunteer meeting. In this 10 minutes, every one of the kiddos finds a way to a meltdown.

10-11 a.m. Church happens. People get ministered to and loved on, though most are at least 25-30 minutes late due to the traffic mentioned above.

11 a.m. - 12:30. We tear down. Things get put away. Before that can happen, we have to go battle with an engineer who blows up on our team for elevator usage. Staff member diffuses the situation, exposing a lack of communication amongst their staff. Truck closes and is loaded up just as a fire alarm goes off at the hotel.


SUNDAY, 6/12
1:30.a.m.-ish - Josh and Sarah bring baby Grady into the world.

6:30 - Since contingencies were in place for the above event, things go smooth on the front end. In fact, setup goes quicker than normal, at first. We're winning.

7:45 - Video team leader wants to meet to discuss the slides for the morning. In the process, propresenter closes, and she loses all of her work, which had not been saved.

9:40 - morning is ready to go. I touch base with Video team leader, who has manually re-entered everything. As we sit down to meet, ProPresenter crashes again. Video team scrambles and gets worship re-entered as it gets ready to start.

10 a.m. - Church happens. People get ministered to and loved on. We makes some cuts to media for my sermon, but the morning otherwise happens with little incident.

We tear down. We sweat ... a lot.


We have a great team of people that make Revolution happen. I am not sure I'm overstating it when I say that there are blood, sweat and tears that go into every Sunday of ministry. The Holy Spirit moves...people come to know Jesus. There's a phenomenal team that loves Jesus and want Annapolis to know Him. However, the pursuit of that goal is downright exhausting. We drink too much coffee (well, maybe just me). We're emotionally drained. Working hard to help people lift the masks they wear on a Sunday will only intensify this, as vulnerability exposes the full effects that sin has on a person's life.

Starting on each of these Mondays that followed, it's my (and the staff's) job make sure that what can be addressed to make the next week smoother is in fact addressed. Additionally, it's my job to think through how to create a plan for continued growth and forward motion. Somedays, it makes me want to shut down. Other days, it makes me want to charge hell with a squirt gun.

Christian, where does your energy come from? How do you refuel? If not, you will be useless as Christian. You'll be useless to the kingdom. You'll be useless to your family in terms of spiritual legacy. You'll simply be reactionary to circumstance. You'll rise and fall with adrenaline.

In the past six months, words like "Sabbath," "meditation,' and "God's Word," are becoming more than a Pharasaic, legalistic set of check-down procedures to for me. They are my bread. I need Jesus, not just a Savior, but as Lord of my days. These things are ways to maintain my relationship with Him. They are not the check marks for a "good day", a la health and wealth gospel. Without them, my attitude of seeing God work through chaos (VICTORY) quickly becomes, "God, I'm too tired for this" (VICTIM)

Brother, sister: keep fighting for Jesus and His Kingdom. Keep sacrificing your time. Give more than you thought you could, and see Him do more with it than you thought He would. However, it's that not rooted in knowing Jesus personally, prepare for a slow fade.

In saying all of this, I almost walked away from a planned retreat day this month, citing the "busyness" of my team and wide variety of things to prepare. I have a wicked heart.

However, you'll be glad to know that it's back on the calendar. Your accountability is appreciated.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

O's WIN! (Game three of my goal for the summer)

Grand Slam or Strikeout. The section full of cynical Marylanders around me voted strike out. After all, it is Mark Reynolds, isn't it? The Orioles score 1.72654niner runs per game, and they already had their 1. This is inevitable, right?

The Pitch came. The bat struck the ball, and it became obvious that the cynics in section 18 were wrong.

Mark Reynolds: Grand Slam. A few innings later, Orioles win 5-3.

Mind blown....and the perfect end to a two-date weekend. This is game three of my twelve game goal. Game Four Tuesday night.