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Friday, July 29, 2011

MD, KY, TN, MD, CO, MD. Boom.

The title represents the Ancarrow Family's travel itinerary for the past two weeks. During this time, we briefly stepped away from Annapolis to share what's going on in MD, as well as to preach and teach with some events we love. Amber went to KY to serve at Fairview Christian Church, who supported us through their offerings. I went to TN to work with CIY's "Know Sweat" event, and then on to NYR in Colorado. To limit the length of this blog post, I'll share some of my favorite moments from the past two weeks via a "top 10" list.

10. Preaching at Ringgold on our way to Kentucky. This was the first time I'd done so since 2002. Though I didn't know a bulk of the people at the church, it was great to see the ones I did. Though a brief stop on the journey, I was reminded of all the people who are supportive of us, even from a distance.

9. Reese joining the "I get motion sick in the van and then puke" club. Not a favorite moment, just a reality.

8. TN Bbq. Thank you, Ridgewood BBQ. for the sweet tea/pulled pork combo. I love saucy bbq - and this recommended spot did not let me down.

7. NYR - Colorado- The drive from Denver's airport to Sedalia is a great window into why NYR is a great event. If you haven't seen the Rockies, I'd suggest you make a road trip.

6. Meeting different youth workers. From the staff of CIY Know Sweat & NYR to the youth leaders themselves. I love the guys and gals who are getting dirty and loving students well. I am humbled to be part of these group's journeys for a few days at a time, and love being able to play a part in ministering to their students. I met guys and gals from lots of different contexts: urban, rural, big church, small church...all were a blessings.

5. NYR morning session. Preaching with the mountains behind you - in sunglasses and shorts. It's a blessing to commit such forms of heresy in preaching God's word . ha. I even managed to not sunburn this time...

4. Being in the "A" section of southwest's boarding process both times to CO. What has two thumbs and loves and aisle seat ? Answer: this guy. By the way, if you're into music, I watched a documentary called "It Might Get Loud" while coming back from CO. In it, Jack White, Bono, and Jimmy Page meet together and tell their respective journeys toward playing electric guitar. Very interesting.

3. Connecting with CIY staff and NYR's staff/speakers. I love the people that I learned from these past two weeks. Through intentional conversations, to the moments where I just got to observe and listen to people; all in all, the trip were greatly edifying. I'll drop one name in particular here. Scott Ensminger is a mentor of mine. He hired me when I was a young kid who didn't know anything, and didn't want to move to the midwest. In one year, he taught me a ton, and his family's kindness (monday night football and Madden, tater tot casserole, doing laundry at his house, and then later selling it to me) has played a major role in who I am today. It was great to see his family, and to continue to be blessed by them. It's humbling to be able to help him pull off a great event like NYR.

2. Student Ministry. I love students. While I am sure of my calling to start a movement of new churches in MD, I hope I never lose touch with jr. high and high school students. I got to some some climb on the roof of an elderly lady's house to fix it (TN - Know Sweat). Others gave their life to Christ...others were there to baptize a friend.

1. My family. Life moves fast, and it's easy to lose sight of the one's you love the most as you try to help other people. It's time for some dates with each of my girls....