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Monday, September 26, 2011


Yesterday, Revolution Annapolis launched its 2nd service. The date was a phenomenal one for our church, seeing 170+ in attendance, many of whom were new faces. AFter church, we baptized three people in the Chesapeake. There seems to be some really cool open doors in our city right now. For example, our proximity to the Naval Academy makes it easy for the Mids to walk to church, then go out to eat afterward. Last year, when the Academy welcomed their new Plebes, Revolution was a small gathering of people with a big idea that met in the back of a restaurant at the mall.

The decision to go to a 2nd service pressed our definition of comfort. We knew it was a need last spring, but knew that we needed to navigate it well. Our venue was elbow to elbow, shoulder to shoulder. While a far cry from underground catacombs, it was tough to see a new person come into the room and only find a seat on the front row (which, by the way, Revolutionaries, is something we should not make them do. Get some earplugs. Move up front). We worried about burning out our volunteers, nobody showing up, and a myriad of other logistical issues. Frankly, most of all, I was afraid to fail.

It's one Sunday...and not every Sunday is a storybook conference kind of Sunday (young church planters - read that line again...and then again...). Revolution still has a ton of challenges and opportunities to grow in maturity. I still need to make sure our volunteer teams walk the tension of vision, needs, and sabbath well. Yet, it's really cool to see God show up when you, and your community of faith, put yourselves in positions where you NEED God to show up. If I've learned anything so far from my time at Revolution, it's that these kinds of stories are the ones worth telling.

We're not there yet. Not by far. But I'm praising God for what He did in our city this weekend.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

No Tyrannosaurus Rex attack to report...yet.

Man, I'd have a lot less to say if I blogged more than once a month.

Earthquakes, hurricanes, power outages, equipment failures, floor changes and hotel reconstruction. These are some of the challenges that we've faced in the past month, as a church and as a community. I've got to tell you though: I'm having fun...and it's not just because the Steelers got walloped by the Ravens in week 1.

This week, I'm working on the final preparations for two services. This includes both the creative and logistical preparations necessary in doing so. I'm excited to get this new season going at Revolution.