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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ravens & Colts (Oh, how the times turn)

I returned this week from a the 2nd midwest tour in two weeks. Over Thanksgiving, we visited family and shared at Fairview Christian Church, a church that has blessed us tremendously since our decision to move. Last week, I paid a visit to Indy to preach in Danville at NCC (my old stomping ground), and to visit some potential future partners. It was also a great time to see old friends. All this, I should mention, took place over the one-year anniversary of our departure from Danville and our arrival in Annapolis.

So much has changed in a year. One needs to look no further than the current Colts vs. Ravens game to prove that (Baltimore is up 24-3). In my time in Indy, the Ravens NEVER beat the Colts. Peyton always had the answer for the storied Ravens defense. Now, the Colts are 0-12 with no shot of winning anytime soon. I'd like to say it's because of my absence, though I'm fairly certain #18 has something to do with it.

Another example: Danville's Dairy Queen. This small town walk up stand caused quite a stir by closing every October. It's closure for the winter was a funeral for the warmth. It's spring reopening was a town holiday. It always felt like something out of a Mellencamp song. Now, it's got new ownership and is open all year. All week long - I didn't see a single person there. Instead, I hear that the Hoosiers discovered fro-yo - and thus, a new hotspot a few miles away.

Things are changing here in Annapolis too. Every week at Revolution is an adventure. Many things are on the horizon for this young church. There is a steady stream of new faces. Others have already moved out of town. The room is getting fuller and fuller. At the same time, each passing week is one week closer to the date when whatever next chapter there is for us in terms of starting new churches in Baltimore. While exciting, this fact is often quite overwhelming for this creature of habit.

Pierre Garcon just a dropped a touchdown pass. Maybe some things never change.