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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Church Planting through the Eyes of a 5 Year Old

Amber and her friend Kim went to the Orioles game this past Monday night
   (Unfortunately, with the O's having played 17 innings the day before, they
   didn't see much). Having just returned from a trip to NYC, I decided to take
   Emery and Reese out for dinner. On the ride to California Tortilla, their
   current flavor of the month,  a conversation arose about our move to
   Baltimore. As we talked about the relocation, slated to happen this summer,
   Emery proceeded tell me all about her impending Urban life.

   Emery's most excited about living within walking distance to the Science
   Center, the Aquarium, and Camden Yards. She loves the city and the "cool"
   houses. She loves how close everything is, and that there is no shortage of
   fun things for her to do. She loves that she'll be close to Annapolis, so
   that she can still see her family and friends that are nearby. She also
   likes that there's a California Tortilla on Pratt St in Batlimore, and that
   Berger cookies are made there. At current, she's least excited about not
   having a garage or a backyard anymore.  She's also a bit worried about how
   often she'll see her friends in Annapolis. The idea of a new church is
   shocking - mainly because she simply cannot imagine that there are people
   who do not know about Jesus.

   There you go: church planting through the lens of our five year old. Truly,
   Emery's sentiments mirror my own. There is so much for us to be excited
   about over the months to come, and much along the way that must be placed at
   the feet of Jesus. Thank you for your prayers and encouragement.