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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Dresser & Bed Frame

We need to share a few more pieces of furniture with the rest of the world prior to our Aug 1 move to Baltimore. email me at to declare them yours.

6 Drawer dresser - originally purchased from Value City Furniture. Dark Cherry "Caribbean Breeze" finish - Made by Progressive Furniture, Inc. Mirror is detachable. Dresser dimensions are 5 1/2 (w) X 2 1/2 (h). Mirror dimensions are 3 ft, 7 in (w) by 3 ft, 3 in (h). Bed frame is a queen size sleigh bed - mattress & box spring NOT included. Head board is 4 ft. tall.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Life is going back into boxes.

Today, I made the drive to Ikea only to figure out that the item I went searching for was not in stock. Minus great seats at the O's game (game not withstanding), that was symbolic for the way today has gone. As soon I got there, I remembered that I could have checked the stock online. 

Life has been a grind this week. Our life is getting packed up into boxes to move into a house that, as of right now, still hasn't returned a signed lease on their end. Is it a big deal - yes, only in that we still have to get Emery registered for 1st grade somewhere over the next few weeks. The large kitchen table we've had for our whole marriage is getting tucked away at my parents house, in the event that it may be "too large" for our space. The reality of the unknown is getting more real.  The 'next step' that seemed so far away when we moved here in 2010, is inching closer and closer. While excited, I find myself having to constantly, daily, preach the gospel to my push up against the safety, security, and checklists efficiently falling into place. 

The upside of the White Marsh visit to Ikea, which resulted in no money spent (minus the tunnel), is that it helped me remember. After all, it was a 2008 visit to White Marsh that was a catalyst to this journey. I tried to, even just a few minutes time, recall things that God had done in our journey up to this point: 
  • Meeting Josh at an Assessment; getting a job I wasn't looking for 25 miles from where I wanted to plant.
  • Northview accepting, celebrating and supporting that move. (and continuing to)
  • Our House in Indiana selling
  • Revolution at one service. Revolution at two services. 
  • Meeting Jeanne, John, a crew of people from UA, and others, all who challenged me to think differently.
  • providing a great network of friends at Revolution 
  • a fireside chat at an Orchard Retreat that breathed a ton of courage into me. 
  • Providing partnering churches for a 2013 church plant. 
This is the 60 second, lighting round, version. As I lay down tonight, I plan to keep going. 

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Some Downsizing for Baltimore

In a couple of weeks, our family will move into a new rowhome in Baltimore City. As a result, we are trying to sell some pieces of our life that will not fit well into our living space. I've posted the links from facebook. If either you or someone you know is interested in one or more of the pieces and would like to make an offer, please email me at

Friday, July 6, 2012


Despite now being gone for almost 2 years, the folks from NCC do a great job of updating me with what's going on in their ministry on the West side of Indy. Over this time, we've had the privilege of celebrating some cool stuff that's happened since I moved to MD.  Today, we mourn (and celebrate) the loss of a friend. 

Every church has their characters. Jack was one of Northview's. Sometimes he called me "Opie," other times "the riff-raff (or some variation therein)".  The only time I ever got to church before him was when he or his wife was struggling with health problems. Once I went to church at 5 a.m. - looking for a quiet place to prepare for a sermon. Jack was there, turning on lights and brewing coffee so strong that all who drank it grew chest hair. When you couldn't see him, you could hear his cowboy boots clicking down the hall.  If you found him, he'd taunt you for being late, ask you if you earned your keep, tell you a story (he had a story for every place I've ever visited), and then say, "welp, let'cha go."  

There are some more famous moments too...strangely, all of which I seemed to miss. Most of them moved Jack from "character" to "legend." There was the intentional flashing of a pastor visiting him in the hospital. There was his love of leisure suits. Most famously, the desire to do automotive repair work in swimsuits that would not be "CIY-approved;" then, later using that same swimsuit, coupled with cowboy boots, being worn to mow a friend's yard. 

Jack will always remind me of the beauty of God's kingdom - the simple truth that God uses an amazing blend of people to bring glory to himself. In a world where Cookie-cutter Christians enter the church sizing up one another and asking to be entertained, Jack's "irreverent-reverance" for the Lord, and His church, was a breath of fresh air. 

Thank you, Jack, for being a genuine follower of Jesus. 
Thank you, Jack, for the bear hug you gave me last month in Indiana. 
Thank you, Jack, for beating me to church almost every Sunday of our 9 years together.
Thank you, Jack, for making the coffee and unlocking the doors. 
Thanks you, Jack, for standing by those same doors to greet our guests. 
Thank you, Jack, for asking me how I was doing - and meaning it. 
Thank you, Jack, for being yourself. 

Well done, my friend. Welp, let'cha go.