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Thursday, August 23, 2012

First Month in Bmore

Exactly 23 days ago, we took the next round of steps to planting a church in 2013 . We moved to Baltimore City. While we will remain with the staff of Revolution Annapolis through the end of the year, we thought this move would give us a glimpse of one possible church planting scenario in 2013 - which is planting a church in South Baltimore. This is an area we certainly have a heart for, and one that we think is ripe for a new church. However, having never lived in a city, we found living here first to be a necessary piece of our cultural research.

Finding a house to live in proved to be a terrific challenge. We looked at numerous places, and made a a variety of offers on the ones that didn't look like college dorm rooms or dungeons. One rejected us because we had kids - another because someone outbid us. The process was exhausting, particularly when presses against the tapestry of Emery needing to start 1st grade somewhere this Fall. When we finally found a place, (right next to the park and school we wanted to be nearby) a neighbor told us that we were unsafe - and had not business moving our kids here (right in front of my kids, by the way). While we see things a bit differently than this person - it was an off-putting start to our adventure. 

No matter how prepared you seem to be,  moving is emotionally and physically exhausting. We're coming out of the clouds - and starting to feel human again (just in time for the Honda to break down - woot). We're figuring out our neighborhood - what we like, what we don't, and where we fit.  I've been to Baltimore probably over 500 times in my life - but as with any place, it's different when you live there.

Here's what we love so far.
1. Walkability.
2. The O's. By the way, it's almost September - and the O's are still alive!
3. Harborcue
4. Emery enjoyed her open house and is excited about school.

Here's what's hard so far.
1. Figuring out where we fit in with the neighborhood. We have met other families, but none are on our block.
2. Parking.
3. As of today - the Honda. It needs major repairs (Head Gasket -boo). Decisions need to be made.

Pray for us in these ways:
1. To build a rhythm as a family that allows us to finish well at Revolution while engaging our new neighborhood.
2. Cultural Agility
3. Wisdom, vision, and discernment as we begin the next phase of our plans for 2013.