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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Happy Birthday, Revolution.

This weekend, Josh Burnett and I will head to NYC to teach a Church Planting Class for students at Ozark Christian College. While I am mostly apathetic in the "what is the most awesome of the Bible colleges," I think this class is one of the cooler opportunities out there. We'll have an opportunity to teach and share stories about what God is doing here in MD. Additionally, we'll be able to do the "If I could turn back time..." segment, and hopefully spare at least one teachable person a heartache or two.  If you can forgive my Cher reference, please continue reading.

We officially started this journey two years ago. I can remember when Tim, Josh and I sat at Panera the day after launching Revolution Annapolis, wide-eyed and exhausted, thinking, "what are we going to do now?" Faces have changed, teams have grown, and I'm now just a little over two months away from the full time work of venturing out to start a new church. There is so much to celebrate. Some days, I think we're starting to figure it out. Other days, I know we're not even close.

Maybe it's because my time at Revolution is coming to a close. Maybe it's because I haven't written in two months and I don't feel like writing another blog about how October was strange in its massive amounts of travel, the death of my grandmother, and the preparation for Revolution's move into a new facility.. Maybe it's because I don't want to spend my time thinking about what to name the church in Baltimore (if this was easy for some of you church planters, please share your secret). Regardless of my motivation, here are my favorite Revolution memories so far, in descending order:

5. Feed 40K. There have been bigger feeding events since, but the line of people continuing to come in the door will forever be burned into my brain. While logistically it was my worst nightmare (as a details guy), in my heart I've never been so overwhelmed by seeing people come together to do something.

4. Preaching my first sermon at Revolution. Largely, I remember this because when I closed my eyes to pray, an angry, intoxicated man rushed the stage and threw a note at me.

3. A night of LR when Dr. Kenny Camacho used American Transcendentalism to clarify doctrine.

2.  Revolution's first baptism service. I can remember being  blown away by the spontaneous applause in the room .

1.  Two friends standing in front of the church sharing how God saved their marriage.

Revolution has many more great moments in its past - and plenty of other great moments to come.  Happy Birthday, Revolution Annapolis