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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

The Church to be Named...

There's no bad ideas in brainstorming, right?  Here are some submitted names for the Baltimore City Project that didn't quite make the cut. Which of these potential church names is your favorite?

1.  Christ Ripken Church
2. St. John's Hopkins House of Mercy and Hope
3. First Church of Immanuel Ben Carson Baltimore
4. Church of the Star-of-Bethlehem-Spangled Banner
5.  Armour of God Church
6.  Domin-O-Say-Can-You-Sea-of-Gallilee Church
7. Baltimore Church of Praise God, Hail-Ray-Lewis!
8. I'm-Not-Even-Greek Orthodox Church of Baltimore (Wire references FTW)
9. Plague of Locusts Point
10. He-Gave-it-all-timore

-Courtesy of Dr. Ken Camacho. 


Jill Tucker said...

That sounds like a brainstorming session I would've enjoyed!!!

Tony Modlin said...

How about Harbour View Christian? No wait, that sounds too much like Northview... Never mind.