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Monday, February 4, 2013

Winning Ugly

Crabcakes and football, right?  As you can imagine, we are among the many in this city who are ecstatic about the Raven's Super Bowl victory. The improbable wins, coupled with the naysayers and critics, made victory all the sweeter. From listening to people make snide remarks about Ray Lewis (everyone is an expert, after all), to watching Peyton lose another strange playoff game, to the 2nd half shut down of Tom Brady (complete with pouty face), to watching the Ravens almost blow it in the Super Bowl while the younger Harbaugh came unglued about a "no call" that was consistent with every other "no call" in the flow of the game. (Interestingly enough, he had no complaints about the personal foul "no call" on his defender on the previous drive). Each week was tense, drama-filled, and lacking in the bravado that creates media darlings out of the top-tier QB's in the league. You undoubtedly could find a local Baltimorean who is convinced that the black out was a conspiracy to even out the game or prevent Baltimore from winning.

Here's a view from our neighborhood:

I believe you can learn a lot about a city by looking at its sports teams, particularly on the national stage.    The city of Baltimore is no exception.  It's a place that values loyalty, and relishes its role as an under-dog.  In the post-game celebration, Joe Flacco equated the style of victory to the city itself, saying, "We don't make it easy for ourselves..." If you live here, you quickly find out just how true the statement is. Truly, as the city paper said a few weeks ago: Baltimore is a place where winning ugly is a beautiful thing.

Now, back to the celebration.

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